Mass flow meters for gases

A gas flow sensor (alternatively called a flow meter) is an instrument that measures the gas flow rate in a tube. An accurate gas flow measurement ensures a safe, efficient and environmentally compliant operation in all applications and industries.

With a long experience in designing innovative mass flow solutions for medical and industrial equipment, our sensors assist with a quality measurement of the flow rate. We provide high-end products, with cutting edge technology and high-performance capabilities to ensure the accurate measurement of the exact dosing of gases (flow rate) in a variety of processes and applications.

For that reason, ES Systems has developed two distinct types of resistive MEMS flow meters, inline and insertion, that can be used in any application that requires high performance and reliability. Their revolutionary design combined with exceptional technical specifications, outstanding reliability, and competitive prices, makes them one of the best flow measurement solutions in the market.

gas flow sensors

Innovative gas flow measurement

ES Systems revolutionizes the gas metering industry with fast and accurate measurements of flow over a wide dynamic range. Our sensors are calibrated to measure air; however, other non-aggressive gases are also available upon request.

Additionally, users are provided with a multitude of interface and output options so that the right sensor configuration can be picked depending on the specific requirements of the application and system design. Find our product range of certified sensors & transmitters below.

Product Highlight


ESRF-ESF is a thermal gas flow meter featuring bidirectional flow measurement. Its compact design & technical specifications make it ideal for medical (ventilatory and respiratory assistance), process & pharmaceutical equipment where high accuracy and reliability are of the essence.

ESRF-HF Transmitter

ESRF-HF is a family of mass flow transmitters that enable accurate measurements of gas flow over a wide dynamic range. Its compact size, combined with the sturdy stainless-steel housing, makes it ideal for use in industrial applications within confined spaces.

Key features

ES Systems is a manufacturer of MEMS-based flow measurement sensors with high-end technical specifications. The patented principle of operation, design and manufacturing process of our gas flow sensors provides state-of-the-art performance and technical specifications.

Outstanding technical specifications

High accuracy, very low total error band. Gas flow sensors are calibrated and temperature compensated for bidirectional or unidirectional flow.

Unique durability in high humidity environments

Ideal for medical and industrial applications with high humidity conditions. Ideal for mediums with high humidity such as human breath.

CE certified

All our gas flow sensors are CE certified, making them ideal for retrofit use, where systems are already certified and there is limited budget and time for a second run of certification.


flow sensors for medical applications

Medical Applications

Our gas flow meters find use in applications where high accuracy and reliability are of the essence, like in hospital departments and healthcare. They are designed but not limited to usage on respiration devices, air volume measurement, ventilation equipment, anesthesia machines, nebulizers, oxygen concentrators, spirometers and patient monitoring systems.

gas flow sensors for industrial applications

Industrial Applications

The compact size and robust housing of our gas flow sensors make them ideal for use in industrial applications within confined spaces. They are designed but not limited to usage in many industries, such as analytic instrumentation, process control gas monitoring & process automation.

Frequently asked questions

Our gas flow sensors measurement principle is MEMS calorimetric or thermal mass. In simple terms, as the measured gas passes over the sensing element, heat is transferred to it. By accurately measuring the heat transferred, the gas flow is calculated. Due to the measurement principle as well as our innovative electronics design, the gas flow sensors can provide very accurate and reliable measurements.

Our product development team targets solutions that offer quick and efficient system integration. This, combined with an extensive collection of detailed documentation and high-level customer support makes the complete integration cycle as easy as plug and play.
We will provide you with assistance in the integration of sensors into your application along with lifetime support of reliable and flexible production, sustainable product innovation and a roadmap to meet your future needs.

Yes. Various flow rates and a variety of gases (multigas options) are available upon request. Further customizations are also available.

It simply starts with a sample request. Drop us a message using the contact form below and a member of our team will get back to you within a couple of hours.

Yes. We offer a plug and play evaluation kit along with a readout software for a very easy evaluation of our sensors without any development requirement from your side.

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