Pressure sensors for liquids and gases

A pressure sensor is a device responsible for measuring the applied pressure on gases or liquids, which is then expressed as an electrical signal. Following the latest developments in system integration, a demand has been generated for accurate measurements and continuous operation in all industries, especially in the Healthcare and manufacturing industry. Therefore, the integration of safe and reliable sensors is critical.

With a long cross-industry experience in designing innovative pressure sensing solutions, based on MEMS capacitive technology, ES Systems has developed multiple distinct families of pressure sensors, either board mountable or medium isolated. Their revolutionary design and measuring principle combined with exceptional technical specifications, outstanding reliability and competitive prices make them one of the best pressure measurement solutions in the market.

Based on capacitive micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology, our sensors measure everything from less than 0.4 inches of water column (1 mbar) to 14.5K psi (1000 bar) making them ideal for the automation of industrial processes or specialized medical technology applications.

pressure sensor solutions

Innovative pressure measurement solutions

ES Systems revolutionizes the pressure sensor industry with fast and accurate measurements over a wide dynamic range. Withstanding up to 100x the rated pressure with no plastic deformation our pressure sensors can be applied in any harsh environmental condition.

Additionally, our absolute, gauge or differential pressure sensors are ready to be installed directly to the end system without further processing. Find our product range of certified sensors, transmitters & transducers below.

Product Highlight

ESCP-BMS1 Sensor

ESCP-BMS1 is a silicon capacitive pressure sensor targeting a variety of markets requiring high resolution and accuracy for gas pressure measurements. Its state-of-the-art performance and exceptional quality make it ideal for measurement with medical, HVAC & industrial applications.

ESCP-MIS1 Sensor

Based on silicon capacitive technology, ESCP-MIS1 pressure sensor is suitable for applications with harsh environmental conditions where resistance to corrosive fluids or gases is required. Exceptional accuracy, high overpressure tolerance and excellent long-term stability are combined with outstanding repeatability and hysteresis.

ESCP-MIS2 Sensor

The ESCP-MIS2 sensor incorporates the ES Systems capacitive MEMS sensor which is based on ES’ proprietary SOI micro-fabrication TM30 process for absolute capacitive pressure sensors. The sensor provides high accuracy 32-bit pressure and temperature outputs.

ESCP-MIT1 Transmitter

ESCP-MIT1 is a family of heavy-duty pressure transmitters made from stainless steel. The transmitters can be easily integrated into medium isolated pressure systems providing state-of-the-art accuracy and resolution combined with excellent long-term stability and a total overall error lower than ±0.25% FS.

ESCP-SAPT Transmitter

ESCP-SAPT is an all-welded titanium sensor designed for space applications. The sensor can be integrated within the propulsion system to measure the static pressure of the propellant fluid. ESCP-SAPT pressure transmitters consist of a MEMS capacitive pressure sensor die. Its design is ideal for the radiation, temperature, and extreme environment of space applications.

ESPP-MIT1 Transmitter

A quality pressure sensing solution featuring exceptional accuracy at a very low cost. Its high performance and compact structure make it ideal for a wide range of applications. The output is fully calibrated and temperature compensated enabling it to be installed directly to the end-user system without further processing.

ESPP-MIT2 Transmitter

ESPP-MIT2 Transmitter

ESPP-MIT2 is a series of pressure sensor transmitters featuring very good accuracy at low cost. Each module integrates a ceramic pressure sensor designed for general industrial and commercial use, compatible for a wide range of applications.

Key technology features

ES Systems is a manufacturer of MEMS-based pressure sensing solutions with high-end technical specifications. The MEMS capacitive measuring principle is a patented design and fabrication process exclusively owned and used by ES Systems that provides unique technical specifications.

MEMS Capacitive technology

MEMS capacitive technology is the latest development in the pressure sensing industry that offers great advantages in terms of accuracy, performance, stability and power consumption. Therefore, ES Systems pressure sensors are suitable for applications where measurement reliability and safety are critical.

Unique Overpressure tolerance

Our high-end pressure sensors can withstand up to 100x the rated pressure with no plastic deformation and can be applied to almost every harsh environment. This is a unique feature of ES Systems technology taking both safety & reliability of pressure measurements to a whole new level.

Outstanding technical specifications

High accuracy (<±0.1%FS), very low total error band (<±0.25%FS). All pressure sensors are calibrated and temperature compensated with multiple output options.

Pressure and Temperature Sensor combo

All our MEMS capacitive pressure sensors feature an optional temperature sensor.


pressure sensors for medical applications

Medical Applications

Our pressure sensors find use in applications where high accuracy and reliability are critical, like hospital departments & healthcare. This includes anesthesia equipment, breathalyzers, CPAP equipment, drug dosing equipment, hospital beds, hospital gas supply, hospital room air pressure, massage machines, medical instrumentation, nebulizers, patient monitoring equipment, respiratory equipment, sleep apnea equipment, spirometers, ventilators & wound therapy.

pressure sensors for industrial applications

Industrial & Aerospace Applications

Our pressure sensors are ideally suited for, but not limited to, air compressors, actuators, analytical instruments, automated pneumatic assembly, chemical analysis, factory automation, industrial controls, industrial gas supply, industrial pneumatic devices, oxygen concentrators, pressure valves, process control pumps, remote monitoring devices, valves, clogged filter detection, filter monitoring, blocked filter detection, submersible depth monitoring, pressure transmitter integration, & refrigeration equipment.

Frequently asked questions

Our pressure sensors are based on the MEMS capacitive principle of operation. MEMS capacitive sensors operate similarly to the respective passive element with one major difference. The top plate of the MEMS capacitive sensor is sensitive to pressure. Therefore, when pressure is applied to the sensing element, the distance between the capacitor plates alters and therefore the measured capacitance. The change in capacitance is directly correlated to the change of pressure. Due to this innovative measurement principle, the technical specifications and performance that can be achieved are of the highest standards.

Our product development team targets solutions that offer quick and efficient system integration. This, combined with an extensive collection of detailed documentation and high-level customer support makes the complete integration cycle as easy as plug and play.
We will provide you with assistance in the integration of sensors into your application along with a lifetime support of reliable and flexible production, sustainable product innovation and a roadmap to meet your future needs.

Yes. Various custom pressure ranges are available upon request. Further customizations are also available upon request.

It simply starts with a sample request. Drop us a message using the contact form below and a member of our team will get back to you within a couple of hours.

Yes. We offer a plug and play evaluation kit along with a readout software for a very easy evaluation of our sensors without any development requirement from your side.

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