Our full spectrum of high-End Sensors at SENSOR+TEST 2024

Hall 1 | Stand 344

Looking Forward To Introduce you to efficient and high-end sensor capabilities

Visit our exhibition stand to explore how our pressure and flow sensors set new industry standards with their unique MEMS capacitive technology. Experience firsthand the unmatched accuracy and durability that make our sensors the go-to choice for critical applications, revolutionizing performance and reliability.

Our product line

Pressure Sensors

Utilizing MEMS capacitive technology, we develop advanced pressure sensors for liquids and gases, ideal for demanding healthcare and manufacturing applications. These sensors range from measuring minimal water column pressures to high pressures up to 14.5K psi, suited for industrial automation and medical technology.


Offering both board-mountable and medium-isolated versions, they combine innovative design with exceptional reliability and competitive pricing, providing essential measurement accuracy for continuous operations.

pressure sensor solutions
ESPP-MIT2 Transmitter

Flow Sensors

Revolutionizing gas metering, our company harnesses advanced resistive MEMS technology in its mass flow meters, tailored for medical and industrial applications. These meters deliver fast, precise measurements across a wide dynamic range, using inline and insertion configurations for maximum flexibility.


Focused on accuracy and reliability, the technology supports a variety of gases and offers extensive interface options, ensuring optimal performance and integration into any system.

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