Medical Applications for Sensors

Medical Applications

In healthcare, the efficient operation of medical devices is vital, as it is crucial for the reliability and convenience of every procedure. For all those applications that require high levels of accuracy and low total error band, specifically designed sensors or “medical sensors” can be used in order to enhance effectiveness along with the reliability of operation.

To sustain and meet any need, ES Systems has manufactured sensors that greatly enhance the quality and reliability of medical devices. Nowadays, different types of sensors used in medical applications are essential throughout healthcare and hospital departments. To meet the increasing needs for high accuracy and stability, with an orientation to the highest standards, ES Systems has developed a series of cost-effective pressure and flow sensors.

Amongst the various applications in Healthcare, ES Systems’ sensors can find use in several respiration and ventilation devices. For example, they can be applied in ventilators providing breathing assistance to patients being in critical condition. Besides, they can be implemented in respirators used to measure and control the flow rate and the exact dosing of any gas.

Moreover, flow sensors, due to their compact size, could be placed within standard diameter tubes to nebulizers and anesthesia machines, in order to control any amount of drug delivered in gas form. Additionally, medical pressure sensors can monitor a patient’s condition by providing definite and reliable diagnostics in a broad range of conditions such as measuring blood pressure or even administering the right volume of fluid in infusion pumps.

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